Climbing the Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia and South-east Asia , is one of the place in Malaysia that I love to go as many times as I can . As to date, I’ve climbed Mount Kinabalu 3 times, and every time the experience was different. My first climb (2003)

My first experience was during my study time in university on 2003. It was organized by our faculty expedition team with a group member for about 30pax. This is the first kick-start that made me fall in love with Mount Kinabalu. During that time, the cost for climbing Mount Kinabalu is still very cheap, for about rm200 per pax for accommodation at Laban Rata, guide and the climbing fee. And food is not included. We need to bring food ourselves to Laban Rata and cooking facilities is provided at the guesthouse. Since it was my first climb, I don’t know what to expect and unprepared with the cold weather on the mountain. From the whole group, only 1 person didn’t manage to reach the top

the expedition group at Kinabalu Park

having our own cooked meals at the pantry

our group picture… in the cold weather

My second climb (2008)

My second climb was with my friends, Des, Rahmah, and Edy. The four of us arrange the climb ourselves. I booked the climb through Sutera Lodge, 6 months from our intended date and i glad i do it early.Only certain numbers of people are allowed to climb the mountain depending the number of rooms available at Laban Rata, and it was already almost full when we booked it. During that time, the climbing cost was around rm400, for a night stay at Kinabalu Park and a night stay at Laban Rata and meals was included in the price. With the Kinabalu and Mesilau Park having been turned over to Sutera Sanctuary to be managed, costs have doubled since my last time in 2003. That’s mean, we don’t need to worry about food as full meal was provided. We had a big buffet breakfast at Kinabalu Park before starting to climb, lunch pack during climbing, buffet dinner when we reached Laban Rata, meal before climb to peak, late breakfast before descending down at Laban Rata, and finally late lunch at Kinabalu Park after we reached down. The weather was very good during this climb, but unfortunately my 3 other friends unable to reach the top.

waiting for the others at the peak, until a guide came and told me they already return back to Laban Rata.. aiiyaa..

My third climb (2011)

The climb  also with a group of friends, invited by my schoolmates, Azah. Thanks to Azah, she had done all arrangement with a local guide with quite a bargain price. If booked through Sutera Lodges during that time, a 3days 2nite climb will cost us almost rm1,000, but with the local guide, we only pay about rm700 for the climb, including transportation, a return transfer from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang. However, it had been the most extreme weather that I’ve experience so far. It was raining heavily during the second half to Laban Rata, luckily we’ve prepared with raining coat. At the Laban Rata, I’ve begin to fall sick due to the cold weather but I manage to pull it through. From Laban Rata to the peak, the wind blows quite strong, the temperature was very cold, reaching -2degree at the peak. Even I noticed my pants turned into ice. From 9 of us, 4 of our group member didn’t reached the top.

all of us..

I’m looking forward for my next climb to Mount Kinabalu…

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