My Journey in 2013

Good bye 2013… Hello 2014..!!!..

May be a bit late for me wish Happy New Year to all…. although its already 2 weeks we in 2014, but I still feel like yesterday that we celebrate the New Year.. 2013, a busy and challenging year for me. My office had a started a new branch in Johor Bahru, and my bos had given me the opportunity to manage our new office there, since I’ve been handling few jobs in JB. Yeah, it’s a big responsibility, since I’m still learning. Its really tough, traveling up and down KL – JB, having to handle few jobs at the same time, and still need to do a lot of things at the same time..  My everyday schedule was very tight, sometimes I even had 4 meetings a day, sometimes my meetings clashes, sometimes I even had to be in both KL and JB at the same time to attend 2 separate meetings.

Tough, but  I still tried to utilize every public holidays available to travel. Few short trips with friends and family in between hectic work schedule really release my stress of work.. The more I travel, I feel more confidence in myself. Yeah, as an Architect, I need social skills and confidence to communicate with clients and consultants and even other related trade in my work. By traveling, I became more open-minded, I learn how to manage my time efficiently, I learn how to communicate with other people and I become more knowledgeable on issues and matters surrounding us. I learn how other people built their city, I learn what we should do and what we should not.. To all Malaysian policy maker and local authority…. please… go traveling. Not the scheduled expensive by travel agent trip, that one you will learn nothing, just wasting our tax money… go travel by foot your own selves. You will be surprised by what you see, what you can learn on developing our country.

a typical of me.. while waiting at the airport..

errkk.. u call this holiday ???.. hahaha..

2 trips to Japan was my highlight for this year journey. First trip, winter trip to Tokyo and Sapporo with my travel buddy Ili and Rushd, my dear friend from university.. It was the best of all. Few days in Tokyo, a daytrip to Unesco Heritage Area on Nikko, and stayed a night at Lake Kawaguchi to see the mount Fuji, and we also went to Sapporo for few days to see the Sapporo Ice festival and a daytrip to Otaru. One of the best trip that I’ve been soo far..

Another trip was during early autumn to Osaka and Tokyo with both my big sister and brother. We had ourselves a Japan Railpass and traveled between Osaka and Tokyo. We had a daytrip to Kyoto, a short visit to Kobe, and even spend a whole day at the Universal Studio Japan. During this trip, for the first time in my life, I’ve experience an earthquake.

A short trip to Hanoi, Vietnam with both my parents was also a wonderful one. Few days in Hanoi city, and we took a cruise and spend a night at the Unesco World Heritage Halong Bay area. It was soo refreshing to be surrounded by beautiful nature, although I feel a bit concern on the over-tourism that might be affecting this wonderful area in future.

I also had a short trip to Bali with my younger sister and brother. We spend a few days in Bali, no schedule, just leisure trip to release a work stress since I’ve been to Bali for few times. We also did a day cruise with Bali Hai Cruise and I had a few dives with them at Nusa Lembongan area.

My journey in 2013 will not be completed without trips to China.. hahaha.. My dad really like to go to China, don’t ask me why.. We also had 2 trips to China last year. First, we had a week trip to Hangzhou and Shanghai. We visited the West Lake in Hangzhou, hang around The Bund and Pudong area in Shanghai, and also have a day trip visiting one of ancient water town in Shanghai.

We also had few days trip to Nanning, the sourthern part of China nearby Vietnam. I was surprise when my father told me that he had bought us a flight ticket to Nanning for our family trip. Nanning was not a tourist city more of a transit city for traveler who planned to overland and cross the border from China to Vietnam. I found it quite a boring city, and most of the attraction will need a long road trips that might not be suitable for families. However, we did visited the De Tian Waterfall, the largest transnational waterfall in Asia, where it divided China and Vietnam, located 4hrs ride from Nanning city by car. Not much had been written by traveller about Nanning, I even had difficult time to plan our trip there. Maybe I should write some post about this city later.

Other than that, I also had few short trips to the neighbouring Singapore. I visited the Universal Studio Singapore with my family, and also short trip to visit the ADEX international Dive Expo at the Marina Sand. And the final break of 2013 also in Singapore with my dear travel buddies Ili and Rina, while celebrating Rina birthday celebration there.

I foresee 2014 will be another exciting year for me. With few trips had already been plan, I hope it will be another wonderful year for my journey of my life. In few weeks time, I’ll be visiting Dubai to see the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Sdyney and Melbourne also already in my travel list.. And few more other trips, perhaps.. 😉

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