Another Chapter of my Life

Happy New Year 2019… !! I better made it as a new year resolution to begin writing back.. hahaha.. Hi guys.. it’s been a while.. Many things had happened during my silent period in this travelogue. By the time I’m writing this, I’m already a proud mother of a lovely daughter Ayra Fatimah.. Ayra already 18months yesterday and she had been a very cheeky girl that loves to travel, just like her mommy… hahaha..

We actually just came back from Melbourne last few weeks, celebrating the 2019 new year eve in Melbourne. It was Ayra 3rd traveling trip, owh, 4th actually if counting the europe trip I went when she’s 7 month in my tummy.. hehehe.. It was a girls trip together with my best friend covering London-Manchester-Paris-Brussel-Amsterdam for almost 2weeks. I gonna write that later on my experience traveling during pregnancy.


Our first travel with Ayra was when she was just 6 months old, in a short trip to Macau & HongKong. It was just 3 of us just having a short break that i really needed. Almost a year without traveling ( due to pregnancy and confinement) really makes me a tired and dull person.. hahaha.. An unplanned trip & I didnt make any preparation except for the flight ticket and hotel booking. We took a direct flight from Johor Bahru to Macau, took a ferry ride to Hongkong, stayed in HongKong for few days before return back by ferry to Macau and spend another few nigbt in Macau. Alhamdullillah.. baby Ayra survived her first trip. We were quite unprepared for the cold weather during the trip until reaching 5degree, however quite surprised that baby Ayra can handle it.

In the cold weather in Macao

When Ayra reached 1years old, we went to Japan with my big family, my parents and siblings to Tokyo. We spend few days exploring the bustling city of Tokyo and few days on a road trip to Shirakawa-go. We rent a big mpv to fit in 7 of us for the road-trip. From tokyo we drive towards Lake Ashi & Mount Hakone,  to Fujikawakugi-ko & Mount Fuji, Matsumoto area, Takayama and final destination of Shirakawa-go before we head back to Tokyo city. I drove most of the time and luckily my siblings able to keep baby Ayra entertained throughout the 5 days journey.

at the Shirakawa-go Village

at Matsumoto Castle

Our recent trip to Melbourne happened to be our delayed anniversary trip. My initial plan is to celebrate the 2019 new year eve there, and of cause some shopping spree from the huge discount during the boxing day. It was also an unplanned trip, due to the busy work schedule, and of course busy chasing Ayra at home, I only manage to book the accommodation few days before our trip. It was supposed to be an autumn season, however due to unexpected monsoon, the weather change drastically. The weather was quite hot until it reached more than 40 degree. We stayed few days in the Melbourne city for the new year eve and shopping spree before we proceed for a Great Ocean roadtrip until Port Campbell, and drive through the countryside road to Ballarat. We also visited the Yarra Valley & Dandenong area, Phillip Island and the Mornington Peninsula area. A week trip seems too fast when you travel with a kid.


Of course travelling with young kid can be quite challenging. We have to allow some time for them to rest and walk to suit to their pace. Shopping can be a challenge too. During our Melbourne trip, its almost impossible for me to go for a shopping spree as Ayra can be bored quite easily. She will run freely inside the shop and I ended spend my time chasing for her worried she will damaged the things inside the shop. I was quite lucky that Ayra was comfortable in the flights although it was a long 7 hours flight. She always follows me taking short distance an hour flight KL-JB since she was 5 months. She also have no problem to sleep anywhere, even in uncomfortable places. She can sleep on the luggages during our Japan roadtrip, and can even sleep on the airport chairs when we had to transit almost 5hours in Singapore during our Melbourne trip.


Ayra proven to have my sense of love to travel. She seems to enjoyed every time we bring her to travel. I hope I can bring her for another trip before she turns 2 years old.

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