As a budget traveller, a lot of research need to be done to ensure the trip that we plan meet our limited budget, without sacrificing the quality and experience of the trip itself. Belows are some of the online tools and website that helps on our travelling planning.

Airlines Website and Tools

Hotels Booking and Deals

I realized that when it comes to the subject of hotels it really matters a lot to travelers.  The general consensus is that no one wants to overpay for hotel rooms. I know that is obvious but we all want to know where we can get the best room rates and find discounts for hotels for wherever our travels may take us. Of course this is an even bigger issue for budget travelers looking for cheap hotels with extra discounts. Whether someone is rich or not who doesn’t like the satisfaction of paying less and saving money? We all want to find the best possible hotel rates. And since there are so many online travel agencies touting ‘cheap hotels’ and ‘luxury hotels for less it is hard to know who delivers the promise. What everyone wants to know more importantly above anything else is, “Which online hotel agency is most reliable?”.

Travel Forum and Advisors

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