Not everybody have the opportunity to travel. It has been my dream since i was small to travel in different places and learn more about different places lifestyle and culture. Coming from a big family with 6 other siblings, I do not have the opportunity to travel outside from my country home during my childhood, except for neighbouring Singapore. I could recall back during my childhood, I was very excited everytime our parents bring us crossing the border to visit our relatives in Singapore every Raya season. Those memories will always be with me forever.

Since I involved in architecture world, I been exposed to a lot of nice buildings, places and culture from different countries through magazines, and precedence studies. I realized that pictures can tell a thousand stories, but it cannot be compared with experiencing the places by ourselves. I started traveling since studying in the university and expand my journey when I’ve started working. A memorable trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 2009 had really opened my eyes and makes me eager to travel around the world.  There is a lots of things that we can learn, can explore, can experience by traveling to other places.

Becoming an architect, one must have the abilities to communicate well with the clients, consultants and contractors. Traveling really expand my mind and helps me to fit into crowd. I become more confidence, more eficient, and more organized. It also helps in reducing the stress after a busy work schedule.

People always thought that it is expensive to travel. I found out that it is not impossible to travel in limited budget, with proper planning and a lot of research, everything is possible. RM50 for return flight to Siem Reap, RM250 for return flight to New Delhi, RM350 for return flight to Seoul, RM50 for return flight to Bali, thats sounds good right ?  Thanks to Airasia, sometimes I manage to get very cheap flight ticket for my travelling trip.

This blog is made to share my share my passion to travel and outdoor activities. Hopefully this blog can help those who needed some info and tips on travelling.

at the desert of Dubai

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  1. Hello,

    I just visited your blog and I really like it! You’re so lucky to have visited that many places!

    I recently created an infographic on behalf of the brand Gaviscon about 7 tips to keep your tummy safe while travelling in South-East Asia, giving useful information about what and how to eat in order to avoid stomach issues during your journey or living in South-East Asia.

    As you are blogging about several destinations of South-East Asia and want to give your readers tips to travelling, I thought that you could be interested in sharing this infographic with them.

    If you want to take a look at it, please contact me on laura@lionandlion.com

    Also, please note that:
    – Gaviscon will have to be linked in the post as the source of the infographic.
    – This is not an advertising campaign (no payment involved). The purpose here is to share information with whoever is interested in it.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,

    Laura Kwan

  2. Salam,

    i would like to contact.
    can you please sensd me a contact mail where i can discuss with you?

    Thanks in advance


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